The Village Hall

Thought to be built in the late 18th Century, the Village Hall started life as a grain store.  Its thick clay lump walls, a traditional building material here in South Norfolk, keeps the building cool in the summer and holds heat in the winter.  Later uses included a workshop for building chicken huts and a caravan business.

The building was converted to the Village Hall in 1949 and it subsequently passed into the hands of a charity, Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield Village Hall Association, on the 31st December 1949.  Those on the board of trustees will have changed over the years but the original charitable purpose of the Village Hall continues to serve our community.

Those residents that pushed for the formation of our own Community Council drew on the name of the Village Hall Association to show that the settlements of Spooner Row, Suton and Wattlefield had been recognised as a rural community for decades. As such, the all inclusive title of Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield was used as a working title when dealing with the Community Governance Review.

The building provides a spacious main hall, meeting room and kitchen, supported by the provision of a stage and ample parking.  The Meadow is to the rear of the Hall provides a picturesque and sheltered venue for outdoor events.  These facilities are available for hire for family celebrations, public meetings, dinners, training events, exhibitions and sales, drama, concerts, leisure and recreational activities.

The Booking Secretary, Frances Greenhalgh, can be contacted via their website or

Village Hall Activities

  • Dancing lessons/various days.
  • Carpet Bowls/Wed evenings.
  • Pilates/Tues morning.
  • Pilates/Thurs morning.
  • Spooner Row Art Group.
  • Local Health Walks.

Special thanks to Spooner Row Website for allowing use of this photo “Village Hall Frontage in Bloom”