Walk 1-To Wattlefield & Back

Grid ref:          TM094974

Distance:       3.5 miles

Details:           Minor gradient, 15% soft

This walk starts at the train station. You can park a car at the station or alternatively the village car park which can be found a short distance along Station Road beside the school (towards the direction). Whether arriving by car or train, start the walk by walking towards the Church along Station Road.

At the end, cross Bunwell Road into Guiler’s Lane. Pass The Boars Public House on your right and walk along Guiler’s Lane for almost a mile.

Turn right onto the bridleway just after Guiler’s House (the fingerpost is on the left

hand side of the road) and follow this track until it reaches the road, walking between the metal railings of a bridge along the way. This bridleway is frequently used by horses.

On reaching Potter’s Lane, turn right and follow the road to the T-junction. Turn right at this T-junction onto Hill Road.

On reaching Bunwell Road, turn left, then immediately right into Queen Street. Follow Queen Street to the end, ignoring the left turn.

At the T-junction at the end opposite The Boars public house (feel free to stop for a coffee or a pint) turn left and left again to return to the start point along Station Road.